Terrible product and terrible support

Bought the new hub(v3) and now things stopped working can’t add devices, devices won’t pair, other devices stuck at a perpetual ‘checking status’ state, wifi doesn’t work on the hub. All this may just drive me to a different platform. Why would I use ST when I have a smartlock that the ‘smart’ home requires a key to use? Same goes for lightswitches. Then there’s the support…rather lack of. Stayed on hold listening to some crap music for an hour just to give up. This is the worst product on the market. Terrible integration and terrible customer support.
ST is on the way down going in a fiery fashion.

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Instead of panicking contact support! Also WiFi only works with supported devices. Such as iHome plugs and WeMo switches and some plugs. Samsung MultiRoom speakers.

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He said he did contact support:

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Sounds like user error… Have patients grasshopper. Seems like you may have missed a step. I just setup the new hub, this past weekend, for a friend and it went very smooth without issues.

First rule of SmartThings: it’s never just you. Well, hardly ever. :wink:

Multiple people have been reporting problems after the hub firmware update from two days ago. See the following thread (this is a clickable link)

Ok I will admit partial user error here. Finally got WiFi to work. Had to do a system reset in which the instructions at SmartThings support lacks a bit. To do a system reset you have to FIRST start with the hub unpliggged, then hold down the reset button while plugging it in. Something the instructions fail to mention. Second it seemed that it joined a location that already had a hub(older version v1) so I had to delete it out of the things and reset…again. Also, the only way to add a v3 hub is with the new Samsung ST app…this app is lacking so much it should be shelved until it’s functional just like the Classic app. When I first added the v3 hub I created a location and ‘thought’ it was assigned to that location. I saw a ‘move all devices’ feature so I erroneously thought this would move my devices from old hub to new hub, I was wrong. I moved them back when I had to reset the v3 hub. Now, my old hub devices show the original location in the classic app yet in the new Samsung ST app they show in the new location. Question is, where are they truly located? Created a new location and finally got the v3 hub added WiFi properly. Oh and I have 2 email addresses assigned to my account, my original ST login and my Samsung acct login however my ST login doesn’t work and the steps to reset are broken as well. Took a stab at logging into Classic with my Samsung login and I can see everything now. If the Samsung ST app is in beta, is there anywhere in the app that states it was I too quick to login and passed it? I somewhat like the look of the new app but I need the functionality of classic.

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Although all “new” SmartThings users are instructed to use the New SmartThings App, you really only need the New App to initialize / join your Hub.

Once that is done, for now, many of us recommend continuing to use the SmartThings (Classic) App.

If you use the same login and password, it will connect to the same Account/Cloud/Hub.


Also, I had bought an AT license and was saving it until I upgraded to the new hub. Unfortunately when I thought I had it assigned to the location I made for it, it actually assigned it to my old v1 hub. Looks like when I get around to moving devices I’ll have to also ask AT to reassign that license.

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Just send us your License Key when ready: Support@ActionTiles.com

If you’ve already blown everything up I suggest wiping everything clean and starting from scratch. Samsung SmartThings Hub (2018) discussion (Model GP-U999SJVLGDA aka V3)

I read the title and the responses…ST might not be the “best” or “perfect” but I must defend this forum. There are soooooooo many people here that provides “free” technical support. This is absolutely one of the best “things” ST has to offer…

Can’t even give “ST” the credit. I give @JDRoberts much props because his answers to 90% of the issues are 100% better than most responses I’ve read on 100s of other forums.

Again, ST is not perfect, but if you want a stable system, then don’t “s**t” on the people here…We acknowledge the cons but also give perspective to the pros.

YMMV…of course…