Terrible performance from ST

Thanks. I will give that a try

Didn’t work

At this point it looks like I will have to delete all of my lights from all of my apps which was the very reason I didn’t go to a v2 hub.

What a pile of steaming poop

Well i can understand your frustration but being a hub system, deleting individual lights may “fix” your problem but I bet there’s just another way to skin that car if you look at the big pic of your possibly overlapping apps and rules. It’s your decision of course but it’s hard to believe individual lights in such a system are your issue.

I’m sure there’s a better way and whatever got changed on the back end is probably the issue.

I came downstairs this morning and had 3 random lights on in my kitchen and family room.

Well you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do. Good luck and let us know. I’m curious.

Another day without any new problems. Perhaps things are turning around.

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I think you misunderstood me. Even if SmartThings had 100% reliability and were perfect in any way, you still couldn’t use it for mission critical applications because it depends on an Internet connection. This is why many people are also requesting a cellular backup for when the power goes out or when their broadband connection fails.

I’m not sure who is demanding personalized support. All I’m asking for is just plain support of any kind to explain what the issue is that seems to keep bringing the system down at fairly regular intervals.

I recognize the achievement of SmartThings, and I congratulate them for such broad support of 3rd party hardware and for having an open architecture that encourages the end users to integrate their own devices. Obviously, I enjoy using the system when it works. The question for me is whether the (relatively minor) increase in convenience factor outweighs the drastic intrusion that occurs when the system malfunctions.

What I don’t understand (and what I don’t think you can reasonably explain away by claiming that it’s a diverse ecosystem) is when the system seems to work very well for months at a time and then, inexplicably with no changes on the end user side, it just stops working (or worse, malfunctions). Turning the argument around on people who complain when their regularly pleasant experience takes a turn for the worse when they have made no changes in their home is akin to blaming the victim. Troubleshooting 101 would have you first find out what changed and to start the investigation there. If nothing changed in my house …


I understand your point better now. There are a LOT of people demanding personalized support if only by requesting/requiring help with such a wide range of disparate unrelated components. Some of the things we have connected were never even intended to be used in such a manner. Anyway I think I’m making an intellectual argument that doesn’t help much. The fact that the “system” works for longish periods of time then acts up is understandable to me and I think you get what’s going on as well. As far as the cloud (stupid term) running everything, this is an axe hanging over our heads in almost every aspect of our livss right now and may well he our achille’s heel in all things.

I’d be completely OK if SmartThings was as reliable as my Internet connection; pg&e is far more suspect here. Comcast knows this and has a generator on our head end.

I do have cell backup, but even it won’t be as solid as a copper land line, which you can’t do a lot with. So for my needs, Internet is good enough if only SmartThings could get there act together. Unfortunately, they have only demonstrated to me that they can’t.

Finally got my hue bridge back. They had to delete it on the ST backend.

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Bottom line, Samsung does not care for their customers. If they did they would have phone support and not take a week or longer to answer emails. If they took one of their support personal and they wrote good FAQ’s they could answer emails faster and reduce the backlog of calls. I know this works because I have done this at two companies and we saw our calls drop by over 50% and customer satisfaction rise. As a help desk person the last thing I wanted to do was spend a day doing nothing but basic calls. Get rid of the basic calls and spend the day doing second or third level calls is a lot more exciting.

You actually may be closer to the truth than you might think. :smile:

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