Terncy-PP01 Zigbee 3.0 Button Switch with light and motion sensors: anyone tried one?

I’m really curious about a new device which has recently become available in the US. It’s being sold under the Terncy brand name, which is the US market line for Xiaoyan. They have their own Gateway, which gives them HomeKit, Alexa, and Google assistant compatibility, but the end devices sold on their own are supposed to be regular zigbee 3.0.

This particular device has a really interesting set of features. It’s battery-operated but really intended to be mounted on the wall as a light switch. It has a built-in lux sensor, A temperature sensor, and a motion sensor on each side. They claim the two motion sensors can be used to distinguish between someone coming in a room and someone leaving a room, which would actually be pretty awesome. I’ve seen some early reviews that said that all sensors are exposed individually to HomeKit, but I haven’t seen any from anyone using it just with zigbee.

Now available for sale at Amazon:

The always thorough HomeKitNews site has a review video with lots of details, but he’s using it with its own gateway to get HomeKit compatibility, not as a standalone zigbee device.

Photos below are from his site, so check out the full video there :


If anyone gets one, let us know how it goes. I’m really intrigued by the motion sensor set up.


Surprised nobody responded to this. And there’s no discussion on Hubitat either. I would imagine @Bangali would love this device, if the human motion directionality feature works as claimed, for the Room Manager app. Anyone out there try it? At its price point, I’m thinking about just taking the plunge…

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I got one and it connects as a Thing so far.

Let’s us know how it goes.

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Non of the generic handlers worked with it… someone will need to create the handler.