Temperature updates too slowly with SmartThings Multisensor

It seems the SmartThings Multisensor (the one that ST sells) only updates the temperature about once every 10 minutes. Is there a way to speed it up? I would like an update more like every 5 minutes or possibly less. Also is there a better device handler for this than the default one? Thank you.

EDIT: As I look at it more, it doesn’t seem to be that the update frequency is too slow, but rather that the sensor is slower than I would like for it to adjust to temperature changes. For instance I want to monitor the temperature of some equipment which quickly warms up, but the sensor is too slow to recognize this for a while.

I had a similar issue where I needed precise temperature and humidity readings delivered quickly. I ended up going with wireless sensor tags and integrating them into ST. I’ve been using them for a few months and I’m very happy with the stability and accuracy of them. Good luck!

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Wireless sensor tags? Not sure I’ve heard of that. Link please? Thanks.

It’s a pretty cool piece of technology. Be forewarned that the sales/shipping/support is all one guy and he can be persnickety. Haha In his mind stupid questions get stupid answers. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience, but others my have a different view.



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Thanks. This looked pretty interesting. Is it Zigbee or Zwave? Other than its smaller form factor, what advantages does it have over the Multisensor? I was thinking of ordering one, but I see now that the battery is not replaceable? Although their website says the battery lasts 3 times as long, I wouldn’t want to have to throw them out in a year or two or three… ?

Is there a delta setting in the options for the multisensor? More than likely it doesn’t report unless the temp changes X degrees

There in lies the catch. :slight_smile: It’s not z-wave or zigbee. It’s a proprietary protocol that uses a tag manager device to interface with the tags. The tag manager then talks to smart things via a smart app. The batteries are replaceable and they’re supposed to last about three years between changes.

Other than a small form factor, the advantage to these tags are their accuracy, range and ability to operate in harsher environments. I’ve got some scattered 400 feet from my tag manager with no issues. The tag in my humidor reports humidity within 0.12% of actual. I’ve got them in fridges and freezers and they work great despite the cold temperature and being closed into a metal box. Ok, enough of my cheer leading for the product. haha As I find more fun uses for the features in the tags (luminescence sensor, acceleration, presence, etc) I like the product more and more.

I hope this was helpful!