Temperature status gone?

When I woke up today, the device icons of my temperature/humidity sensors looked different.

Since then the temperature tiles are gone from the status bar.



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Mine has disappeared too, a bug I guess.

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There is now a TempHumiditySensor category which has been rolled out in the stock drivers where appropriate. That’s the new icon.

Unfortunately it hasn’t been added to the configuration for the tiles yet. As all my temperature sensors now have that category the tiles have gone. I use beta drivers so they went a week or so ago.

I believe there is also a TempSensor category. That isn’t in the configuration either.


Indeed, the Matter sensor driver was updated yesterday and it uses the new category.

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For ZigBee devices you could switch to @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's “ZigBee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc” driver. To date he has not switched the icon and temperature status display still works.

I believe he also has a Z-Wave driver. Nothing for Matter.

My sensors are connected to a matter bridge (Tapo H100).

What now? Just wait until it’s fixed?

Yes, let’s tag @nayelyz and @Luis_Humberto_Medina so they either revert the matter-sensor driver or update whatever is needed in the app / platform.