Temperature sensors for freezers

Yes, the battery status dropped rapidly for me as well, all the way down to 0%, but the sensor continued to operate at 0% battery for over 12 months til it stopped reporting.

I am hoping the same thing happens for me. But the original battery went down to 10% then disconnected from hub.

FYI, I have had batteries I got from amazon that’d stop working with status well above 50% (at room temp), while the same sensor with batteries from other more reputable sources would continue to operate with battery status well below 50%. So make sure you get good batteries.

May be swap a different sensor if you have one being used elsewhere. I guess it’s possible there’re part to part variations that the sensor you’re using is more sensitive to the quality of the power source.

Good luck.

I guess it is a wait and see thing. My next thing is get a remote battery case and solder on two leads from the sensor. My concern is the wires through the door seal.

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