Temperature sensor to control a dimmer level? Pleases help

I am looking for a way to use a ST multi purpose sensor to control the dimmer level on a Jasco dimmer switch based on the temperature in the closet.

I have a closet full of electronics with a small fan connected to the Jasco dimmer switch. The closet gets very hot, so I have the fan to blow cool air into the closet, but only want it to run at full speed when needed (when it is hot inside).

I have not found a way to trigger the dimmer level based on temperature.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Are you able to control the fan speed with the dimmer now?

I just wanted to make sure that by “Jasco dimmer switch” you actually meant the “Jasco fan control switch.” You should never use a switch intended as a light dimmer to control a motor like a variable speed fan. It’s a fire hazard.


Thanks for the responses.

eibyer- I am able to control the fan speed by using the dimmer module, but am not able to automate it based on a temperature sensor.

JDRoberts- I am actually referring to the Jasco 45652 lamp dimmer module, and not a fan control switch. The fan I am controlling is not a big overhead fan, but is a small electronics cooling fan: http://www.acinfinity.com/axial-ac-fan-kits/axial-1238-muffin-115v-ac-cooling-fan-120mm-x-120mm-x-38mm/

I looked through your attached thread and it seams like they are talking about large overhead fans. I have emailed the manufacturer to ask since I wasn’t able to find specifics for speed control on their website.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a floor standing fan, A wall inset fan, or an overhead fan. It’s because it’s a motor driven device. You definitely should use either just a regular on/off switch module or a motor control switch with the device you linked to. A dimmer module rated only to control lights, such as the 45652, is in very real danger of burning out either the module or the fan motor if used with the axial fan. That module should only be used to control lighting. It’s just a matter of physics.

If you’re only interested in having it come on at the highest speed, you can use a regular on/off switch that matches the specifications. Or a switch rated for motor control. Just not a light dimmer switch.

I’m sure the manufacturers can answer any further questions on this. :sunglasses:

BTW, always check the specs for any specific model that you’re considering, but most pocket sockets that say they can handle “small appliances” should work fine for that fan. The GE 12719, for example. (That’s the same as the Jasco 45653.)


These are often called “appliance modules.” They will work for either lights or motor-driven devices. The appliance modules and the “lamp control modules” often look identical, so you just have to check the specs.

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