Temperature Sensor Recommendations

Would recommend Tuya Temperature and Humidity Sensor

I bought 3 Xiaomi Aqara Temp & Humidity sensors and used bspranger DH. 1 reports temperature 90% of the times in the first 3 days. It locates about 3 ft away from smartthings v2 hub. I then added the other 2, after the first sensor kind a works. The last 2 sensors were disconnected after the first 30 minutes from connected. I tried 3 DH for 3 sensors, 1 DH for all 3 sensors, 1 DH for 1 sensor at a time. This sensor is intermittently work at best. Others mentioned the sensors work, might be on their hand with 1 leg up or something else. I am glad that I got from Amazon and they are on the way back.

Mine never stay connected, even when I had one directly under my hub. They will initially direct connect to the hub, but will eventually work their way into the zigbee mesh. They don’t like connecting through some zigbee devices (for me they always attach to a particular bulb) and then they stop reporting. Mine are now sitting unused in a box.

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I replied to you in another post. Can you pls share a device handler that works in smartthings for the Tuya?

You can use Smartsense Temp/Humidity. It will run local and display temperature as the default tile.


Thanks very much. Although I get temp and humidity now, battery status remains not working. Any clue?

What I do to get around the battery issue is I’ll first set the dth of the sensor to bsprangers dth, set the values in the device settings inside the mobile app, then once I get battery reporting to show, which sometimes takes about an hour or so, I’ll switch it over to the smartsense dth.

Thanks, I will give it sometime to see if battery status is reported. Otherwise will follow your suggestion…

I had a similar experience. They worked OK for awhile but then would loose their connection. When I brought them to the backhouse, they connected using the Zigbee mesh (repeaters) and this almost always caused them to disconnect. Worse still, the battery appeared to drain super fast when trying to connect using other Zigbee devices. Back to Amazon it goes…and still searching for a simple temperature sensor that works with SmartThings!

Saw this thread pop up and thought I’d add the recommendation of the Nyce motion/temp/humidity sensors, the ceiling mount type, which have been rock solid, although they don’t seem to be available any longer.

But, I believe the 3rd generation Iris sensors are the same as the Nyce sensors, although physically different and use CR123a instead of the AAA batteries.

There’s a thread on them here:

So, I grab about a half dozen of these aquara temp sensors. So far I’m really happy with them. I’m REALLY pushing the distance limit with a couple of them so I took your suggestion, here, and bought four of those IKEA Tradfri wireless countrol outlets - without reading closely enough (that’s on me). Those things require a gateway. At this point I can return the four outlets and vye for something else or sink another $35 into a gateway. It just seems like a lot of extra money to make a $19.00 temp sensor reach the hub. Any other options to extend that range? We have dozens of smart devices throughout the house on the same network (including wifi outlets) but apparently those don’t work as repeaters like the Ikea ones do?

No they don’t. They pair directly with the ST hub.

Yes IKEA sell their own gateway, but so do Xiaomi, and so do most brands. Sometimes you do need the specific gateway, or at least are a lot better off using it, but not in this case. If you had an IKEA gateway you’d have gained nothing as the devices would be on a different Zigbee network and wouldn’t repeat for you with your ST connected devices.

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When you have a SmartThings hub, you are actually working with multiple networks. (The hub is a plastic box with multiple radios inside.) You have a Zigbee network, a zwave network, you may be connecting to your Wi-Fi network, and even more depending on the exact devices you set up. Each network is separate, but since the hub can talk to all of them, It will look to you like all one system. But technically it isn’t.

Zwave repeats only for zwave, Zigbee repeats only for Zigbee, WiFi repeats only for WiFi if it repeats at all.

So when you select devices to be repeaters, like the plug-in pocketsockets, you have to know which protocol the devices that you want to repeat for are using so you select the right protocol for the repeater device.

Read post 11 in the following thread, then go up to the top of the thread and read the whole thing, and it will explain. The link will take you right to post 11.

A Guide to Wireless Range & Repeaters - #11 by JDRoberts

Also, as @orangebucket mentioned, although the product description for the IKEA Tradfri devices will say they need their own gateway, they don’t in a smartthings environment. You will be using the SmartThings Hub instead. :sunglasses:

I thought that might be the case but was unable to pair them to my SmartThings Hub. SmartThings wanted my login informatino for the IKEA system which I could only set up if I had the IKEA hub. So, I tried to get ST to just search for the device - to no avail. I’ll give it another go, though.

That’s not how it should work, but it’s also important to note that the device cannot be connected to both an IKEA gateway and a smartthings hub at the same time. It’s one or the other.

So if you already had it set up with an IKEA Gateway, then you have to reset the end device.

Once you have reset it, you should be able to add it through the smartthings app.

I just checked again, and it’s a Hub Connected Device, it doesn’t ask for any IKEA login information.

What’s the specific model number you are trying to add?

When you go to the add device screen in the st app, scroll down to Ikea in the vendors list, select outlet, and follow the instructions. There’s a small reset hole on the side of the ikea plug that you will have to push (I usually just grab a toothpick from the kitchen counter). And that’s it.

Any idea how to determine the device network ID in the “Create Device” setup for the Xiaomi Aqara sensor? The bspranger device handler is setup, no problem, and I don’t have the SST classic app, so I can’t fully connect the sensor. Any tips? One hour of internet searching didn’t help…thanks!

Hi. I found this old thread about the temp sensors and I wanted to ask if someone could recommend a temp and humidity sensor that works works with tuya( smart life) and smartthings nowadays. I have seen that there were some recommendations in the past posts but now I am busting my ass to find one and I cannot find any. Thank you guys.

I’ve tried a couple over the years. The first ones kept disconnecting or required a script to connect to my SmartThings hub. I stumbled upon the Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus 4-in-1 Sensor ZSE40 (Motion / Light / Temperature / Humidity a few years ago and have never had an issues. Don’t know if it will work with a Tuya hub, but if it works with other ST sensors my guess is it will.

Zooz 4-in-1 sensors are Z-Wave and Tuya hubs are ZigBee, so they will NOT work together.

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