Temperature offset by Percent?


I’ve been experimenting with temperature sensors around my home.
Iris Contact sensors from Lowe’s are what I’m using. I also have an Aeotec Multisensor 6.

I can adjust an offset in ST to X degrees, which can work ok, but I’ve found that a set number of degrees only works well within a specific temperature range.

For example, the offset may need to be 4 degrees when air temp is around 40 degrees, 3 degree offset around 60 degrees, and maybe only 1 degree offset at 70 or 80 degrees.

This would indicate that the sensors are off by a percent, not by a fixed number of degrees.

Are there Smartthings compatible devices, or Device Handlers, that can offset the temperature by Percent instead of Degrees?

I welcome your comments and helpful suggestions.

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Never seen a offset by percentage. You can modify a DTH to add that functionality multiple different ways but the device won’t run locally anymore (most ST branded ones currently do).

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I’ll look into that.

Just seems like it would be more accurate over a wide range of temperatures.

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Unfortunately its going to be hard to adjust. Your best bet is to map it out and try to find a sliding scale that works for you. For example if you believe its more accurate the warmer it is you could do something like this which is roughly based on your numbers:

Temp = Temp - ((100 - Temp) / 20)

I.e. at 40* F the actual temp would read as 57* and at 80 it would read 79*. But with that said you might be better off just putting in the standard offset for the range its most likely going to experience.

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