Temperature monitoring and control of wax melter equipment?

New user here with limited technical experience. I have two wax melters that I leave on 24/7 in my workshop. I’ve had several instances where the thermostat on my heating element malfunctioned. One time, it shut off the heater and my wax hardened. It was inconvenient, but not a huge deal. But a couple of times, the tank got so hot the water began to boil. I usually keep it set at 150°. I would like to have it set up that I would be notified via my smart phone if the temperature rises above a preset temperature. Ideally, I would like to be able to shut it off if this happens. Any ideas?

Do you have Wi-Fi in your workshop? Do you have any existing home automation hubs? Do you have any voice assistants like Alexa echo devices or Google Home?


I do have WiFi in the shop, but no home automation system.

I would think something like a digital temperature controller would be ideal for your situation.

Here are links to a couple I saw on Amazon.


Thank you! I’ll check them out.