Temp Sensors

It appears that no one manufactures and freezer refrigerator monitoring device with remote prob? If any one knows of device
like that can you post
also will the hub communicate with a device that transmits in 900Mhz
thank you

Fibaro’s contact sensor supports a remote temp sensor, it’s zwave, which is 900MHZ, but maybe not the 900MHZ protocol you’re talking about.

thank you
it is quite strange that no ones have a dedicated device for temp monitoring
I am sorry to bother you but do you know of an application that will provide
alerts for the temp and historical temp readings

Smart home monitor will do this

Sami and groovestreams will do this

Numerous is another player in the logging arena.
I’ve not used SAMI, but I did find groovestreams to be a bit cumbersome.
Numerous is pretty much zero config, and I really like their charting.
@geko wrote the ST integration for it.

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