Temp Sensors with Ecobee

Hello All,
I’m trying to figure out what temp sensor is best to work with my ecobee4 and smart things app

Welcome! :sunglasses:

You should have quite a few choices. We do need to ask a couple of questions first.

  1. what country are you in? The device selection does vary.

  2. do you have a smartthings/Aeotec hub, or are you working in a “hub optional“ configuration?

  3. just to be sure, will the sensor be indoors?

  4. how often does the sensor need to report? It’s pretty typical for sensors that will control a thermostat that they only report temperature once every 15 minutes. This has the advantage of extending the battery life. but some people do prefer a sensor which will report every five minutes or so.

  5. also, most people are looking for battery operated sensors, or they don’t care whether it’s battery operated or plug-in. If you prefer a plug-in, let us know because there aren’t as many of those available.

  6. do you want something that works straight out of the box, or are you OK if it requires custom code?

  7. do you have a particular budget in mind, or is that not as much of an issue?

Once we know the answers to those, we should be able to give you some options.