Tell me your IDE issues

On IE11 clicking on zwave repair tries to download a Json file on your laptop. Hello? @tyler @aaron @april will get us fired at work in financial Wall Street world… :slight_smile: exaggerating a bit…:

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Making the deletion of a device simpler. Please delete all linked smart apps linked to it when we want to delete a device in the IDE as well as app.


Please don’t make me google for a smart app when I know there is one somewhere in ST worlld somewhere in the IDE


Please let us delete a Device type or Smartapp without the 500 internal error tantrum.


@april make the IDE a little prettier. :wink:

@smart is tired typing. Next batch tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I stopped doing UX/UI . Sorry find another designer.

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Don’t break a broken heart! :slight_smile:

Careful spamming ST employees Ron :smile: Use those at mentions judiciously.


Me no English understand!

IE11 is serious though. I am not kidding. In my office when I try a zwave repair it tries to download a Json file on the laptop. Will send you a screenshot. My hub->utilities >zwave repair

As always bugs should go to so that the tickets can flow to the correct engineering group. That said, I’ve seen this before in Chrome and clearing my browser cache fixed it. If that doesn’t work for you please send in a bug report.



Feature request; dashboard on IDE like the mobile app dashboard


Will do. Tried it first time today and wondered if It will get me in trouble at work. I know you guys are hiring;)


Actually, it is the same color if it’s on SmartApp editor. The color coding is off in SmartDevice editor.

Just to let you know this is intended as the OAuth endpoints could have different permissions thus are only allow a single request after which the session is cleared. If you need to interact with the OAuth endpoints it is best to use a separate tool that doesn’t keep session cookies. That will isolate your web session from your interactions with the OAuth endpoints.


Nice job with what you have.

What I’d like to see:

  • Code completion
  • Javadoc on hover (or the groovy equivalent)
  • See errors/warnings before saving
  • Debugger (breakpoints, watches)
  • Simpler way to interact with services running on the same LAN as the hub without making them accessible via a public IP address (sorry if that’s not an IDE thing)
  • Integration with github: save/import.
  • Save + Publish to me button
  • groovy linter
  • better log integration, would like to see relevant messages in a pane, rather than trying to find the right app in another tab/browser

Thanks for asking!

— Matt


Can you give me a bit more detail on this one? I’m not entirely sure what you mean.

I think the list is searchable? Are you looking for something more?

one thing that would be nice is instead of going to My Devices > (your virtual device) > list events, it would display a quick link or quickly show events in the localized log space.

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