Tell me your IDE issues

Haven’t we done this recently?

I think it was a little bit ago. I wanted to get the latest issues since I’m working on this now.

Well… I guess I’ll come back with individual features (currently I cut / paste from Cloud9 to the ST editor, so I take all the Cloud9 features for granted.

So… For votes / Likes:

  • Infinite undo (i.e., timeline rollback).

WordPress has this, but only at save points.

Current ST has some sort of “Edited but not published” flag, but it is a little unclear of how it works, and is surely only one version.

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Heads up, I’m updating the first post with an issue list and the status of a few of them.


Have properties of installed app show correct app state and settings.


“Save As” function.

Generally, an entire online filesystem should be available to the developer to save works in progress, templates / code fragments, rename, folders, and run “git” within.

  • #include

For personal or public source code fragments not in compiled library form.

This would give us some clean code reuse / modularity ability. IDE editor and debugger, though, now has to be able to jump to referenced included files.

(Of course, the ability to create / use own classes and jars is a bigger wish, not in IDE scope.).


Ability to embed (virtual) device handlers within SmartApps.


Explain? Example? Is this an IDE feature or an architectural change?

Might be considered architectural change.

For example, allow SmartApp to automatically create virtual switches to trigger certain actions. Allow Service Manager to create child devices based on the code that is embedded in the Service Manager.

This could be achieved right now if child device type is installed in a separate process.

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Yup… I guess we can all let @Dianoga make the call as to how to categorize, but I have a feeling he ought to make an “out of scope” feature / bug list that is distict from IDE improvements, and distict even, from unlikely or low priority IDE improvements.

The “out of scope” list should be passed around other ST architecture / engineering Teams … Even if they are platform / developer wishes, not consumer.

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Right now I’m only really looking for IDE improvements. I can keep track of other things, but I wouldn’t expect much right now as everyone is pretty busy.

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I can’t believe no one has suggested this yet…

Intellisense or autocomplete



Think this is all the same “request”

But to satisfy the people who are purists, make it togglable.


I agree on all of these…

  1. I implied by my suggestion of “Cloud9” as an arbitrary good example of an online IDE / Editor; but thanks for the particular highlight.

  2. Do you mean editor macros or code macros? Perhaps slightly related to my post suggesting #include if you mean code macros… ?

  3. Yah … Templates are great idea. “Intelligent” templates would be a miracle. I wouldn’t mind seeing this concept extended to an actual code generator – i.e., using a form / GUI that does interactive rule building, the code is spit out for you to tailor as desired.


Simulator can’t seem to support powerMeter devices.


Setting breakpoints and debugging…just in time…


The actual active and inactive status of devices in the IDE. Currently means nothing.


Consistemcy in the time zone being shown for anything in the IDE. My presence is shown in EDT and my wife’s in universal.


Zwave mesh map. Step by step zwave repair status.