Tell me your IDE issues

The preferences piece of the simulator is actually what we’re working on right now. It’s going to be a major improvement.

First: Need the Simulator working…
Then, Way after that:

  • I can see my Device Types
  • I can see my Devices
  • I can see my SmartApps.
    I would like to see a map of the SmartApp Subscriptions to walkthrough & manage them.
    And, wire new instances…
    A Find & Replace would be nice.
    Code Completion
    Code Snippets - I have a separate file…
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Give us a way to define a file that can be included in multiple SmartApps/device types. For example, I’ve got a custom logging function that I want to use everywhere but it’s a pain to update it on every SmartApp each time I modify it.


Any updates when this issue will get fixed?

How about some way of visually grouping parent and child apps? Either a folder structure that’s purely organizational in the IDE or listing the children indented (and collapsible) under the parents.

If you’re looking for installed app relationships, you can see that in each location. If you’re wanting this for your own development, I think that’s a great idea. I’ll add it to the feature list.

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This. Thanks! =)

I see there is already an issue of the simulator dying (which one can restart with a page reload), but I’m having an issue where the simulator dies, and page loads don’t help. If I click Set Location nothing at all happens – I don’t see my preferences UI. If I copy all the code to a new SmartApp, or clear it out and then repaste it, it works for a while, then dies again. I’ve basically given up on using the simulator at all.

@Peter_Freese Sorry for the late reply. Yes, agreed the simulator is buggy at the moment. I’ve created bug tickets on our end, and have been working through them. Currently @Dianoga and I are focused on improving the Preferences / Simulator portions of the IDE. So hopefully the developer community will begin to see some of the fruits of that effort in the next few months.

The biggest fix / improvement that went out recently was an enhancement to provide some support for multi-attribute tiles. That improvement was the result of a bug reported by @DrHill which can be seen on this thread.

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Thanks for the continued fixes @jeffblaisdell

@jeffblaisdell Is there anyway possible you all could allow a simulated sunset and sunrise function? Waiting until that time is a big challenge… especially when we are debugging.

@DrHill That seems like it would be a nice addition to the simulator. However, I’m not sure if it is something we’d be able to get to in the short term.

I have not tested this theory, but would it be possible to add a button to your app that fires the same logic which is on the sunset/sunrise schedule? That way you fire it at anytime. Definitely not as developer friendly as your solution, but if possible it might make it easier for you test.

Editing a device allows you to move a device to a different Location/Hub. I am not convinced a paired device can logically move to a new hub. When you reassign the device it no longer works and you cannot move it back because version is a required field and the version list drop-down is not populated. This leaves you with an orphaned device that cannot be deleted if it is in use by Smart Apps

@Mark_S_Groves What does someone do when there hub dies and needs to replace it. Do you happen to know the process that is involved in migrating to a new hub when you have 40+ devices and 2 dozen custom apps?

No idea what is involved…

There is not an existing migration tool. There is one in the works, but it is not expected to be released before the end of the year. In the case of Z-Wave devices, they are paired with a specific controller at the device level, so migrating the hub device information does not fix anything. They have to be unpaired and repaired. IMHO that is one of the biggest problems with Z-Wave.

I completely agree. I hope to see the migration tool available soon. It would be nice to try the tool out before its necessary due to a hardware failure.

Contact support. They were very responsive when I had a similar issue.


Not sure if this is the right place to post this, I have a few virtual switches that will not update the group setting. I want to move them to a different room called “Home Theater”. I hope I don’t have to delete the switch and recreate it.

Any ideas would great

The IDE assignment of group hasn’t been working for a while. But, you can change the room they are in using the mobile app. Remove them from whatever room they are in now, and then add them to Home Theater.

I click “edit device” but see no “room” choices. Maybe I’m in the wrong place?