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IDE Issue

Dynamic Pages with Password Type and Href action to go to another page.

Clicking the href action “button” in the ide will not fire with a Password Input type.

Workaround, set it as a string.

See around 2 hours and 48 minutes in this video from last week’s live stream:

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i can’t log in it keeps kicking me out, and when i do it won’t let me save changes…now it says can’t find user???

Sorry for the trouble! Please email

Just wanted to say a big thank you to the ide devs. Code collapse, session timeout, code highlighting, search, sortable tables, etc.

Finally seeing some progress with ST and it didn’t require hub v2 :smile:

It is the little things sometimes that make the difference.

Keep up the great work on the ide!


I’d really like to see better virtual device handling. If the IDE can’t emulate something (power meters and smoke detectors come to mind), it shouldn’t try - or at least perhaps it could do some validation and call it out before attempting and throwing odd errors.

That said, the code collapse feature is really nice!

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How about being able to ctrl/cmd-click on SmartApps in the live logging screen so that we can select more than one app to view at a time?

And maybe a checkbox to view the app name instead of the app id in the log viewer as well. Would help to know what’s coming from which app when viewing output from multiple apps.


Did the community shared SmartApps get removed? I am unable to see them :frowning:

yes, last platform update. Migration to github integration. github will be new home for community shared smartapps, I guess.

Request - Ability to un-publish an app that you previously published to yourself. It appears that the only way to remove a published app is to delete it from the IDE. I want to keep it, but not have it available for installation in the mobile app.


I’d like additional input types. Specifically a slider with a custom range. It would also be nice to have an input for a color picker.

A list of methods that could jump to the start of the method in the code when clicked would be helpful for larger apps

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problem 1.

here is my device handler code…

def body = "apiName=${apiName}&params=${paramJson}"

save and move to other page… after reloaded code is…

def body = "apiName=${apiName}¶ms=${paramJson}"

problem 2.
and to be applied to the simulator after edit the device Handler code delay is intense.

problem 3.
it does not appear in the my android even if the device Handler code to “publish for me.”

This is apparently available now. Haven’t tested it but noticed it as I was going through the docs

I was looking for that functionality but for use in SmartApps.

The time in live logging doesn’t show correctly when in the single digits.

(sorry if already mentioned, I looked and didn’t see anything about time formatting)

@Carinda That does look odd. I’ve made a bug ticket for us to investigate.

Thanks for the info!

I ended up making a fix today. Should be deployed out Thursday-ish.

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Well that was quick!

When going to “My Devices”, the page loads. Then 10 seconds later or so, the list reloads alphabetized by device name. Could it just load alphabetically the first time?

I always end up trying to beat the refresh to find the device I’m looking for, then have to start over when I’m not quick enough.


mine does the same thing. When it does the reorder it makes the rows really tall.

I can’t get the multiAttributeTile to work with the simulator, is this supported yet? I get a handlebars error in my javascript console:

You must pass a string or Handlebars AST to Handlebars.compile. You passed undefined

According to the stack trace it’s when it tries to make the main tile.

If it’s of any use, this is in the EU West region.

Update: Nevermind, I found a post saying that it’s not supported yet.