Tell me your IDE issues

Really not enjoying the new IDE time out.

Its hard enough to trace issues on random failures without detailed logs… but at least when it would timeout before I could at least comb through old logs. Now it forces me to refresh the page and makes the logs hard to look at - except live.

Your session has expired. You need to login again in order to continue. 
If you made code changes, they will be available after you login again.

I get that these are meant to be “live” logs… but how can I otherwise see logs from apps to figure out how they are behaving in the wild?

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Download all my data as a csv?

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I just figured that Smoke Detectors cannot be simulated in the IDE. It throws an error when I use a simulated Smoke Detector. May be this is something worth addressing.

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EVERY Thing should be simulatable (is that word?), since:

  1. If it can be presented in the mobile UI, then the simulator should be able to present the same interface.

  2. All Things work off of inputs from the physical device (i.e., messages), Events (possibly setting / changing Attributes), and Commands.

  3. The above should be really similar among all Z-Wave Devices, a little more complicated for ZigBee, and, well, I’m a bit shaky as to how the simulator can handle all the various inputs and outputs to/from a Cloud or LAN connected Device; but … still.

I presume you are simulating a Z-Wave Smoke Detector?

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I just call a device with capability.smokedetector - I dont know if that simulates a ZWave or Zigbee.

Ah… Right. There are two portions in the IDE: Simulation of Devices in the SmartDevice Type Handler IDE and generic Virtual Devices by Capability in the SmartApp IDE.

Consider “capability Button”, for example. The Virtual “Button Device” has only 2 Buttons + a “Wake” command… that’s not bad for some tests, but what if I want to simulate an Enerwave ZWN-SC7, 7-Button Controller?

Maybe we’re drifting off Topic; but perhaps you can create a Virtual instance of a specific Smoke Detector Type (in the Device Type IDE?), and then refer to it in the SmartApp IDE in the same account?

i.e., seems like there should be a way to dynamically create virtual devices of any actual defined Device Type when testing a SmartApp.

So that’s a good IDE feature request!

I like the idea of being able to choose which device to emulate. I’ll add it to the list (though it might be complicated to implement).

Also, head’s up for everyone who is used to quick responses from me… I’m in the process of moving up to MN and will be in and out for the next few weeks. So I may be less responsive than usual for that period.


I have odd results using the simulator at the IDE vs the actual ST real system. For example, during testing an app in the simulator, I was forced to change a contains statement for an equal. But when I test the app in the ST real system, the app was not responsive. Ultimately, to make it work I recharge the statement to the original contains!!

Bottom line, I really think simulator has to behave equally as ST system!!



Keep in mind that there are 4 different UI’s in play, and they definitely do not always behave equally:

  1. Simulator
  2. iOS
  3. Android
  4. Windows Mobile


I have been thinking a lot why the difference between simulator and in my case iOS. My guess (and I want to stress the guess part), is related to the simulator having a different compilation that the other UIs.

Obviously, my lack of practice with groovy (I use to program in C, Pascal, and other older programs) may have an impact on what expressions are safer to use.


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Yup… I cannot guess the exact reasons for the inconsistent results, but I fully respect the tremendous challenge of keeping 3 mobile UIs in sync, and the extra challenge of the added features of the simulator!

100% agreed…

IDE Issue:

Dynamic Pages in SmartApps with params do not work in IDE but work in Mobile apps.

Makes it impossible to test inside the ide and have to use a mobile app or trick the ide to push testing further along.

I remember a long time ago, there was some code to detect if android or ios, is there code to test if in IDE? We could fake it to get around this issue if so.

IDE Issue:

Install always shows up with dynamic pages regardless of the page setting install: true/false

IDE Issue

Dynamic Pages with Password Type and Href action to go to another page.

Clicking the href action “button” in the ide will not fire with a Password Input type.

Workaround, set it as a string.

See around 2 hours and 48 minutes in this video from last week’s live stream:

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i can’t log in it keeps kicking me out, and when i do it won’t let me save changes…now it says can’t find user???

Sorry for the trouble! Please email

Just wanted to say a big thank you to the ide devs. Code collapse, session timeout, code highlighting, search, sortable tables, etc.

Finally seeing some progress with ST and it didn’t require hub v2 :smile:

It is the little things sometimes that make the difference.

Keep up the great work on the ide!


I’d really like to see better virtual device handling. If the IDE can’t emulate something (power meters and smoke detectors come to mind), it shouldn’t try - or at least perhaps it could do some validation and call it out before attempting and throwing odd errors.

That said, the code collapse feature is really nice!

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How about being able to ctrl/cmd-click on SmartApps in the live logging screen so that we can select more than one app to view at a time?

And maybe a checkbox to view the app name instead of the app id in the log viewer as well. Would help to know what’s coming from which app when viewing output from multiple apps.