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TED5000 Energy Monitor


Right now it is by IP address only.

If you know of another device handler that works via LAN and host name, let me know and I can look at copying how they do it.

Here is a new sample Image to reflect the current GitHub code:

(James Lauser) #22

Hi. New to the community here so please bear with me.

I just installed your device monitor and configured it to point at my TED. At first, it was unable to read any data from the TED, and was unsure why. For reasons I won’t get into here, the TED was on a different subnet on my home network than the SmartThings hub. I reconfigured my network so that both devices are now on the same subnet and changed the device configuration and now everything works just fine. Communication between those subnets is allowed on my network.

Any thoughts on why this connection wouldn’t work correctly? Is this a security feature?

(Obert Wood) #23

Playing with TED 6000. I’ll put my progress up on github:

(Tim Holmes) #24

Awesome! Thanks so much. Installed painlessly and works like a champ! Now if I can only get my SolarEdge to communicate effectively…


Can somebody let me know how to get swap-files TED5000 code working. I just want to get the basic information from my TED5000 into smart things. I have the code published as a custom device handler, but can’t see any device. I’ve done custom device handlers before, but normally just following detailed instructions.