Tcp smart led bulb won't connect

Hi this might be really simple BUT…
I am very new to this automatic voice activation bits around the house.
Hubby kindly bought me echo dot for exmas.
So i thought i would start with a bulb and see how i get on lol…
Ok so can i put this in a lamp rather than a ceiling light?
I am running on a bt business hub…
But for the life of me i cant get my tcp app to find the bulb…
What am i doing wrong?
Got to be something stupid but cant see it!
Please help
Thank you

I’m sure you’ll really like the dot once you get it set up the way you want. We now have 14 Echo devices in our house! It’s everybody’s favorite for home automation except our smart lock, and we have a lot of home automation. :wink:

Anyway, first things first: we need the model number of the bulb. If you don’t still have the box, it should be on the bulb itself, maybe on the base. Or if your husband has the product link at Amazon, that would be good too.

BTW, I have also always found Amazon support very helpful, so you can also just get in touch with them. Use the “Contact Us” button on the lower left side of the help page:

Hi thanks for your reply.
I am looking at getting more just wanted to see how difficult it was as not a tech wizard lol.

The bulb is a tcp smart LED E27.

It doesnt seem to be to be found.

It is double blinking etc.

And says works with alexa.

Have downloaded the tcp app but that doesnt sewm to be able to find it.

I have put it in a lamp… does that matter?

Many thanks


It shouldn’t matter about having it in the lamp as long as it’s a lamp which can support its voltage, Just like you shouldn’t put a 100 W Dumb bulb in a lamp which is only rated for 60 W.

The numbers you gave are not the model number of the bulb. They’re the size of the base. We still need the specific model number.

Since it says it works with Alexa, that’s good, and maybe your best bet is to call Amazon support. But if you get the model number we can try to help more.

Since you mentioned BT business for your Wi-Fi hub, if by chance you are in the UK, here is the link for echo device support: