TCP Bulbs Outside

Hi All,

Until the GE Bulbs appear I need to add in 4 bulbs to 4 outside fixtures. They are all under porches so won’t get wet but can anyone see any issues with using TCP bulbs outside? Unfortunately both GE switches we used to control these have failed and the electrician says its down to interconnected neutrals etc and poor house wiring so this is the only way I can think of to control the outside lights using movement sensors and rules.


Get dimmers! They don’t need neutrals.

Some models of the Leviton also don’t need neutral.

I have two tcp’s outside in enclosures with no issues related to weather.

Thanks @urman would love to do that but the electrician and me (there was a long thread with people helping me out on this) have both completely failed to get the Dimmer or Single Pole GE Switches to work. The wiring in this house is frankly a nightmare!

Thus looks like TCP bulbs are sadly the way to go unfortunately that leaves a standard switch in the mix which can be turned off thus rendering the bulbs useless!

technically you could leave the switch out.

Or get a switch lock

I believe they are rated to -20 C (-4 F). As most bulb enclosures already deal with rain/wind etc, then I think the only other pertinent issue would be range…

Thanks all… switchlock looks like a great idea didn’t know they existed! Hmmm -4F could be a little on the borderline side it got down to -12F here in January a few times!

I may get another electrician in to get a second opinion on the wiring of our switches and lights!

@jonallsebrook hey just an FYI… I have 9 TCP lights outside inside the fixtures. 4 in the front (opened fixture at the bottom) and 5 around back (completely sealed). Might not get the 22 year life out of them as advertised by TCP, but you’ll get enough time. It’s like buying an indoor TV and putting it on the patio, saving you thousands from buying an actual outside TV. You know what I’m saying?