Tasker/Sharptools, Does subscribing to a state change eat your battery

Sorry to dig this one up, but would you be willing to share with me (I’m sure it’s here somewhere, and I just missed it) the benefit of using a switch in the mix instead of having it trigger just directly on motion?

If it works better for some reason to use a switch, I will adopt that in my setup as well (I already have motion-activated lights, and could make a virtual switch if need be).

I used a switch instead of just the motion sensor because I didn’t want the tablet turning on and off that frequently because it was a little flaky. In my circumstance, motion detection was “turned off” for a period of time and the switch was always on, which kept the tablet on. My tablet was more stable this way.
I think I read on another thread that you are having delay issues. Did you run the task directly from Tasker to see where the delay might be?


Thanks for the response. :slight_smile:

First…I’m not so sure I understand your setup. Can you explain it again?

Second…testing Tasker…the only problem is that, unless I’m forgetting something, I don’t think I can test this particular kind of profile directly since the screen will already be on when I press the run button on the Tasker interface.
Other ideas?

In my original setup I had my light switch turned on by a motion detector and it would turn off 5 minutes after motion stopped. Tablet on/off followed the switch action. I believe this setup caused my tablet to reboot frequently.

Due to requests from my family, the switch in question is always on during the early evening. Tablet follows switch action. During the late evening and overnight, the switch follows motion detection. The tablet remains off. Tablet has been more stable.
I don’t recall the setup of your task so I can’t comment further.

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This is amazing! I followed this guide:

I set up to have two tasks: Toggle My living room lamp and Tooggle TV (Thru harmony). They both work great if I turn off the other in Tasker, but when I have them both on, and I say “Turn the living room lamp off” it also toggles the lamp and vice versa?

What am I doing wrong?

Would you mind posting a description export of the Tasker profile(s)?

How to Export a Profile:

  • Ensure that Menu / Prefs / UI / Beginner Mode is unchecked
  • Go to the main screen
  • Long-click on the thing you want to export
  • Open the menu and select Export > Description