Tasker GPS question: approximate location?

I’ve searched the web up and down for days looking for an answer to this, but not finding anything adequate. So while it’s Tasker, it is also about location/presence and therefore relevant to SmartThings.

Anyway… does anyone here know how Tasker handles GPS? The phone reports very precise coordinates, with it changing within a small room. I want Tasker to act on an approximate coordinate. So that if my actual coordinates are 37.718590, 108.984375, I would want Tasker to act on 37.718*, 108.984*. With the asterisks representing wildcards, so that Tasker would see both 37.718590, 108.984375 and 37.718230, 108.984365 as the same location.

Depending on how you are using the values, you can either use math functions to round to your desired precision or use a geofence radius to provide the approximate coordinate system.