TaHoma® by Somfy

You are very welcome.

Just in case you don’t know yet it is possible to create Alexa routines and Google Home shortcuts so that you can say “Alexa, open all blinds” or “Alexa, open the bedroom blind” and many other variations.
Unfortunately Alexa routines can’t have more trigger phrases like Google Home shortcuts have so if you want variations you need to create more routines :frowning:

Another change in the latest version of the device type is that the blinds can be controlled when selected in “Open or close Window Shades” section of SmartThings routines, no need to add them as switches.

I have this morning witnessed my first Sunrise SmartThings Routine to “Open or Close Window Shades”. What a beautiful site at 5:56. Sunset waiting to execute this evening. :grin:

It doesn’t get any better! Will look at Alexa capability through SmartThings over weekend. Native Somfy Alexa support is terrible.

I’m still stuck with my brand new IO blinds and my IO sun sensor which I would love to use with my ST hub. @jbtibor you mentioned earlier that you would change the app so that it works with IO blinds. I’d be prepared to work with you and test out any new app versions you might provide. So is your offer still good? I’d appreciate your help.

My offer still stands. We can collaborate in two ways:

  1. I provide instructions how to capture the required information in Chrome Browser and you send it to me. This will not contain personal information or grant me access to your account in any way.
  2. If you are not comfortable with capturing the required information in Chrome you’ll have to grant me access to the Tahoma account what has the IO devices so that I can do it myself. I only need 5-10 minutes and will have to actually control the devices you want to access from SmartThings.

I propose to continue in private.

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@jbtibor any news/progress on the IO blinds integration? thanks!

It is progressing well but slowly for two reasons:

  1. I’m doing it after work and family, mostly on weekends only.
  2. I don’t have IO devices so every change has to be tested by someone else.

There are more IO blind types, at least two and open and close are already working for one of them. If you are interested in testing send your email as a PM and I’ll send you the updates.

New TaHoma devices added:

  1. IO blind with level.
  2. IO illuminance sensor.

Next I’m planning to integrate is the IO EVB (External Venetian Blind?).

Thank you to @ikad76 and lseufer (on GitHub) for helping with IO.

it seems like you solved the problems i am about to get started with.
is there a step by step instruction that i could use to replicate it? i have tahoma io roller blinds.
it woudl be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance,

Hi, what exactly would you like to replicate?

I have a somfy tahoma box, IO roller blinds. I saw you managed to do that and i would like to do the same thing.

Did you install the SmartApp and Device Handlers and are not working or you have some other question?

ok, I tried to make it work but without much success:

i installed the device handlers and the smart app.

  1. Roller shutter IO appears published under my device handlers tab.

  2. Under my smart apps i can see jbt : TaHoma® by Somfy published.

But when i go the phone app, Marketplace that is blank.

i added a zwave device independently already so under my home i can see a device so the app/hub works.

what did i do wrong?

It should be listed in Marketplace - SmartApps - My Apps, is it not there?
If not, try republishing, delete create again, I have no concrete ideas why is missing.


ok, all there after a few intall and the rollerblinds and the sunsersor woks great. thanks for the great job with the handler.

The only issue i still have is that i have an RTS receiver (dual switch) switch and an IO opening sensor that is not coming up.


Of RTS devices only roller blinds and simple switches are supported. IO open sensors are also not supported. Unfortunately I will not have time in the near future to add more devices.

Thank you @jbtibor it is working great with the IO devices! One little question: is there any refresh delay implemented? I mean… If I control a shutter using the wall mount, does the ST get aware of the new level at some point?

By the way, Somfy released an official API that can be used to control the Tahoma: https://developer.somfy.com/somfy-open-api/apis. I am implementing it in another project out of ST and it’s pretty nice.

There is no refresh because historically it worked incorrect, I recommend using Pollster or something similar.

Thanks for the tip about public API. I’ll have a look.

Hello :slight_smile:

I am facing an issue with this plugin: I created a routine that closes all shutters (6 items) at a sunset. Most of the time, only one shutter is closing. The other ones remain open. It’s like the first one of the list is OK, but the others result in an API error. Am I the only one facing this issue?


I’m also having troubles, recently. For me it all started 2 Tahoma box updates ago :slight_smile: Suddenly there were issues with login at the App and so I blamed that for my troubles. I even contacted Tahoma support because I figured if I can’t log into the Tahoma app the ST app can’t either. Now the login issues seem to be resolved but I still have issues with only some of the blinds opening/closing. I haven’t checked for error messages, though.

Please enable debug logging in smart app settings, open live log and monitor if any errors are reported there. Thanks.