Tablet kiosk mode integration with SmartThings

I’m stuck. I have a working SmartHome using an Aeotec hub and about 70 devices. The user interface is five Amazon HD8 wall tablets running Fully Kiosk browser and ActionTiles. These were added back when the Groovy IDE was used and still work well.

I have recently got another tablet and loaded the Fully Browser & ActionTiles. It is now working the same as the others. I am able to turn items on/off and see the status of window sensors etc. From this it is obviously connected to the SmartThings infrastructure but it is not appearing in the app as a device.

How do I add it? The driver being reported for the tablets that are working in SmartThings is SharpTools Labs Fully Kiosk Controller 1.0.

I want to use the tablets in routines, like I am with the other five tablets, since they have motions sensors (cameras) on them and I use them for announcements,


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That’s a private driver I put together in my spare time as a token of thanks to SharpTools premium members.

Here’s a link to the private thread if you don’t have it bookmarked:


Thanks so much @joshua_lyon. It was only yesterday when I was looking at the driver details that I noticed it was a SharpTools driver. It’s still working well in this post-Groovy SmartThings world. I can’t thank you enough.

I checked out the link on the SharpTools community forum. The last post was April '23 and I can’t believe I am the only one wanting to use this driver for the new generation of tablets and matter-centric Smartphones. Are there any instructions anywhere on how to add a device to SmartThings using your custom driver? I have tried the web interface but it doesn’t appear that I can select a driver.

Thanks! My SmartHome is better because of you!

Hi Paul-
Thanks for the feedback. Check out the linked private thread as it has details on creating new devices, how to use the driver, and discussion with other people who have access to the driver. Here’s a link to your reply where you created new devices before as a reference.


Thanks so much Josh and thanks for the link to my early 2023 questions. I had completely forgotten that I had used SharpTools to add a new device using the same driver. I did that and the new device showed up in SmartThings.

Thanks for your help & patience!