Tablet charging contacts


I have a tablet 8" time2. I want to charge it on the wall but trying to figure out the best way to connect. I can see some terminals under a flap, I’m wondering if these might be charging terminals and if there is a connector that will connect onto them. They seem like they might be sprung?



What brand/model is it?

Edit: time2, missed that at first reading. If you search the model number and see if a wireless charging pad is available that might tell you if they are charging points or not, but it could also be contacts for an antenna or something similar.

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Yeah i have searched so much trying to find either a wireless charging pad for time2 or a dock or somethong… but not found.

Was hoping might find a little plug that would give me a fly lead but been struggling.

If I put a multimeter over them when its plugged in do you think that might show if they are for charging?



I don’t actually know, I’d expect them to show nothing at all on a multimeter. You could try emailing the manufacturer and asking them. Failing that you could try modifying something like this to give you a charging interface at the back…

Yeah that’s pretty much my backup plan.

Is there anything that lines up with them on the back of the tablet cover? Usually sprung contacts like that are for something attached to the back cover, either shielding, or wireless charging, or an antenna…


no the back of the cover is blank.

I think i’ll just use the wireless charger connector and solder to a cable… looking like it might be easier.