Tablet as light level sensor


Not sure if this has been covered… I’m using tasker, sharptools and an android tablet to set virtual switches on an off based on light levels. I can then use that with the rule smart app to better control my lights based on motion and light level. Glad I switched to Smartthings. Amazing!

Thanks to all the independent coders


Very cool usage of SharpTools - thanks for sharing!

Are you doing this using the built-in %LIGHT variable in Tasker or Light Level state?


The last recorded light level in lux.

Light Level State:

The current light level as a (massaged) percentage of the minumum and maximum light levels ever seen.

After setting this state up, you should calibrate it by covering up the device for a few seconds and exposing it to bright light.


I started with the Variable but just switched to the Sensor Light Level state. I like having the range choice. I use a different android light level app just to see the lux level so I can adjust everything to based on my house.

I’m also using Sharptools and tasker to watch my modes. My connected tablets will switch apps based on my home modes… “TV” - Open the Harmony app. “Music” (kodi) opens Yatsee - “Home” opens the smart tiles app but I’m having a hard time with getting it full screen (NO browser). “In-Bed” will turn off the 1st floor tablet screen. “asleep” - Turns off the master bedroom tablet. " - and “morning” turns them all on. At least thst’s the plan. it’s a work in progress. Cant even imagine trying to do this on my old vera.

Having a blast with it :smile: