Tab A Lite - cannot edit routines

I am able to run Smartthings on my Galaxy Tab A Lite by downloading it from the Galaxy Store (wasn’t on Play). When I try to edit a routine, it says I need an update to do that but I am running the latest. A little ironic given that the are both Samsung created “things” (software and hardware). The tablet is up to date.

What is the app version?

There are some enhancements to Routines in the latest version of the Smart things app which has been rolling out this week and if you try to edit a routine requiring those enhancements you will get that message. The latest version is and I received that about five days ago on one device, but I have another device on version which is only being updated as I write.

That must be it. My phone is on so the tablet has not caught up. Related question (sort of) is why Smartthings is not showing on the google play store for the tablet…I have to get it from the Galaxy Store

I think they have multiple builds and they have to profile the supported devices for each and they suck at it a bit more than they should. I always had it the other way around with a previous phone, the Galaxy Store always claimed it couldn’t support it. It seems quite common for neither to claim to support devices even though they meet all the requirements and Samsung have been known to point users directly at the APK.