T-mobile engineer spotted Snakes on a cell tower, 125 ft in the aiir

OMG! This seems like a ‘tower Medusa’. The site engineer must have had a heart attack after seeing this. I have never heard of snakes climbing cell tower before. But this reminded me of an incident which I came across a few years back, while surfing the internet. An eagle merrily flying with a prey
(Snake) in its claw, happened to drop it on a man underneath. Unfortunately, the man got bitten by this snake and died. I wonder how they got them removed from such a height. Or did they even get rid of them? I don’t know any animal removal service which would have helped. They must have called some one from National Geographic channel :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A whole lot of "it ain’t my f’n job, peace."
As I drive home and grab a cold one.

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