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System user removing pictures from posts

Looks like the “system” user went through a bunch of my old posts and removed pictures so there was only one pic per post. Is this new?

Actually, looks like the pics were removed and re-added. Maybe picture hosts were switched?

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None of mine have been re-added
Just loads of blank spaces where pic were

Lots of my posts were edited too… some posts are showing links to the images, some are showing broken images, and some are showing working images.

Raw URL shows as raw URL:

Some of them are showing up as broken image links now:

And some of them are working:

From what I can tell, it looks like the system is editing posts to use the short-url feature of discourse now for image URLs (SEO enhancement as the images are still hosted on AWS if you follow the link).

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Same here. Old posts from 2017 has no pictures.

Some are there some are not. Bubble on my name showed 99 System messages…


Same here, hundreds of posts are missing the pictures. But it’s random, many missing pictures while some of them are there. It’s just left placeholders behind which when you click on opens the pictures.

Yes I noticed, some are back and most aren’t. Could be the system is still processing the backlog if the hosts were changed.

Wondering if it’s a discourse bug after an upgrade, have reported it to discourse also. Hopefully they can fix it. A picture is worth a 1000 words… :slight_smile:

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Did the SmartThings Connect team get their hands on the forum?



seems to be getting worse. pictures that loaded this morning aren’t now

Nah, if it was them, all of the pictures would’ve been replaced with houseplants. :rofl:



We’re looking into the problem.


Same here… I had a 99 on my bubble this morning… lol

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I was waiting for someone to post about this… I thought I suddenly became really important :wink:

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You’ve always been really important to us. :sunglasses:

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Everytime you arrive home, your front light comes on… but a picture gets deleted from a post.


@SmartThings employed their most efficient team member to date.

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Looks like the images are coming back again. For the record this wasn’t anything to do with the ST team, it was a discourse thing. :slight_smile:
Apparently a new schema for images in posts broke them.


Y’all are hilarious!!

Just think hard! Do I really need to come home? Some poor sap at community.smartthings might lose his pictures if I do! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::crazy_face: