System put me at risk

Historically, every new vera hub has been pretty buggy for the first few months. I expect the same thing from the vera plus. We’ll see.

The existing vera controllers already run Zwave locally. You only need the Internet to do the initial setup. What’s new in Vera Plus is Zigbee. We’ll just have to see how it works after it’s released.

The currently available hubs that do a decent job of running both zwave and Zigbee are Lowe’s Iris (US only, requires a $10/month fee, no custom code, but runs a very similar mix of zwave and Zigbee devices as SmartThings) and Zipato (available in both Europe and the US, with a cost-plus structure where you pay extra for each antenna that you want).

Securifi is supposed to run both zwave and Zigbee, but reviews are not good for the home automation system. (It does get very good reviews as a Wi-Fi router.) There’s also something weird going on with the new model which is supposed to be out in February. It lists zwave, zigbee and Bluetooth, but it reportedly only has one USB port and both Zigbee and Bluetooth are offered through a dongle. So you could only plug one in at a time. But again, we’ll have to see what actually gets delivered.

Detailed discussion of alternatives in the following thread: