Synchronize ADT Hub Alarm States and Smart Home Monitor?

Hi Mavrrick, I too am interested in the integration you have created between SHM and the ADT Panel. I followed the link to your ADT tools page but I am unclear with of the apps is the parent to install first (and publish). I tried using process of elimination as well from your ADT tools page and the listing of apps from GitHub but I am still not sure which app is the parent.

If this is something obvious I apologize as I am a SmartThings newbie (but have installed a couple of SmartApps already).

thank you.


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Sorry…reread your instructions and yes, my question was a dumb one. Think I have it figured out.


No worries. Please let me know how it goes and if you see anything that would make it work better.

Hi Mavrrick, I do need some help please.

Your instructions state to “Create Virtual Momentary Tile buttons in the Smartthings IDE for the alarm modes you want to change to”. I assume this means to create 3 new devices within the IDE, 1 each for Arm-Stay, Arm-Away and Disarm. If that is correct my challenge is selecting the Type? I have tried a few options, most of which don’t show up in the ADT tools app. I don’t seem to have a type of “Virtual Momentary Tile button”.

If in fact I should be creating a new device, what type should I be selecting?

Thank you.


You are right about creating the buttons. I would suggest you download then publish the ADT Momentary button tile device type handler from the repo. Once that is done you should be able to select it as a device type for the buttons.

The reason I suggest that button is that it will work in the new smartthings app.

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Could also load the new version from ADT Tools v2. That is the ADT Tools release thread. It also has fewer child apps to deal with and hopefully the setup makes more sense. So much has happened with the older version it was getting messy

Mavrrick, thank you. I uninstalled ADT Tools v1 and installed v2. Created the buttons and a quick test indicates it is working but I can’t do a complete test a people are sleeping :slight_smile:

FYI…when I clicked on Support the Project the app didn’t navigate me anywhere where I could do so :frowning:


Thank you very much for offering. I haven’t finished that page of the app yet. As of now that space is kind of a place holder.

I just found what I would call well some poor edits on my part. It looks like i broke some of the button create code at some point. I have corrected it now and the application should be a bit more smooth to use. I went back to do some testing and found that it wouldn’t save properly I couldn’t even reinstall it.

I have added an ability to remove the app and in doing so uninstall the new buttons as well. I would suggest you just update the ADT Tools 2 main app from the repo and then try it again if you have any issues.

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Thank you for taking the time to continue to improve this.

Hello Marrick. Thank you for making ADT Tools 2. I have everything downloaded and just want to synch my smart things home monitor with my smart things ADT. I am very new to smart things. Do I just need to go into ADT tools 2 and select maintain synchronization true and select my arm delay? Or is there a step I am missing?

You will also need to select your ADT panel so that it knows what alarm to look for status changes from. Keep in mind this only works with SHM installed from the classic app. The new app has a different version of SHM and does not use the same item for status

If you dont mind me asking why are you trying to keep SHM. Part of what I was trying to do was create a migration path to ADT. Is there something I can add to help you with that.

Great thank you Mavvrick this is very helpful. I would rather just use one hub the smart things ADT. I recently purchased the ADT hub to see how it compared to my ismart alarm system and so I can use action tiles on a few old tablets. Originally I was going to try and see if I could get the smartthigs and ismart alarm to synch- if I set one to alarm they both will arm etc. I have action tiles on a few old tablets and was hoping to incorporate these into alarm panels so I can arm/disarm from various levels of the house without always using my phone. I guess the only real disappointment I am seeing from ADT is the round about ways you have to go in to automate their ADT specific devices. I see why they do this on a safety side for if you are using it with their adt services. Your smart app helps a lot just adds a few more steps, more options than the ismart alarm

Sorry Marrick one more question was able to get the ADT tools but when I go to run it I get an error message device network ID must be unique.

You are likely getting that error because you have the flag still flipped to on to create the buttons. Change it back to off and that shouldn’t happen again. It won’t remove the buttons.

The virtual buttons that are part of ADT Tools work in Action tiles. I would suggest you enable them in action tiles to change the various Alarm modes. To have action tiles know what state the ADT Panel is in you should just use the SHM tile. Once the tile is added change it so it is view only and then change the name so it shows ADT Status instead of the default. Just remember that it won’t change until the exit delay you setup in the app for Home alarm status has passed. ie if you set it to 30 seconds you will push the button and then 30 aprox 30 seconds later the status will change in action tiles to the new status.

I would also suggest you put a pin on the Disarm button in action tiles. That is a powerful dangerous button and always remember security.


Great thanks Marrick! Everything is working smoothly now!

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Hi Mavvrick,

I’m struggling to find a method to toggle a scene in my ADT SmartThings hub based on ADT mode. I was hoping the ADT2 app would do it but haven’t figured out a way. Any tips? My plan is to enable an Arlo camera only when system is armed, both home and away.

ADT Tools doesn’t really have anything written to activate a scene at mode change. That said it probably wouldn’t be hard to do.

Your use case is actually already address if you want by ArloPilot. If you go look at the wiki for ADT Tools you will find a section that talks about additional smart apps that improves integrations. In that section Arlopilot is listed and there is a folk provided that I added integration to. The details are Arlopilot fork for ADT . If you install this to resolve this need just treat the ADT panel as SHM in the ARLO Pilot setup.

One sidenote about Arlo Pilot. The original developer has moved to a different platform, so now only maintenance updates are being done by some community member. I apply them to that fork as I see them.

Thanks for the response. I think this would be a terrific enhancement to your ADT2 app. Would you be interested in pursuing this? I think it would be very useful for expanding automation based upon alarm status.

I would strongly suggest you look at Arlopilot. The control and integration it will provide is far more then a scene will allow. You can also already create routines for alarm state change in the Smartthings classic app.