Sync z-wave dimmer status to cree zigbee bulb?


I could have missed this one someplace, but I have a floor lamp in my living room with a zigbee bulb in it and would like to sync its status to a GE z wave dimmer.

For example if the dimmer switch is off, then the bulb is off. If the dimmer is on then bulb on, or if this dimmer is at 45% the bulb is at 45%.

I have it currently set up using the smartthings if switch on then bulb on but it doesn’t mirror any dim state.



Try this Awesome App! Basically you will have a 3rd Virtual Switch that will control the dimmer and bulb. The bulb will still work on its and as well as the switch if you use them indivdually. Turning on or off the Virtual Switch will turn them on/off respectively. Setting the dimmer level will set both to the same level.