Sync Sengled Multicolor w/Nanoleaf Rhythm

Just purchased the Nanoleaf Rhythm and all I can say is wow! The scenes are truly beautiful. I’d like to sync the scenes to four multicolor Sengled bulbs (A19) for a full room experience…is that at all possible with my current hardware? Both Nanoleaf & the Sengled bulbs are paired with my ST hub v2. I’ve got the Sengled hub that came with the bulbs but I’ve never used it, nor have I used the Sengled Android app.

I’ve also got a Harmony Hub, Lutron Smart Bridge, ActionTiles, Wink hub v1 (retired), and of course my ST Hub v2.

IFTTT has a recipe to sync Nanoleaf w/Philips Hue bulbs but I’d prefer not to invest in the Hue system if I can use the Sengled bulbs I already own.

Maybe WebCore or raspberry pi or maybe I’m overthinking it??

Using the Smart Lighting smartapp you can configure a “mirror” rule so that whatever happens to your nano leaf happens to your Sengled bulbs.