Sync garage door

I am using a rsm2 to control my garage doors. I have two virtual relays. I also have two virtual garage door controller. I’m also using two smarthings contact sensors in garage mode. What I want to is sync the contact sensors to the virtual garage door controller.
So if I manually open the door the contact sensor would update the virtual garage controller status

Can this be done? I can’t seem to figure how to update status of a virtual switch.

There is an app for that… :slight_smile:

FYI (another good to find apps/solutions):

There are actually some other apps, too but this is the one I have been using for quite some time without issues:

Thanks the problem with that app it doesn’t work with a dual relay setup. Since it’s dual relay I have to creat to virtual switches. I would have to choose those instead of the physical opener. And it doesn’t work.

What about Trend Setter?

Thanks for the apps. But is there a way to do this with core?

I tried to set up a CoRE piston to sync my garage tilt sensor with a virtual door and it worked well for automated changes. I was never able to get the physical switch sync working because the time difference between opening the door and the sensor actually showing it was not consistent and the garage door would always stop half way open or closed. I am sure there is a right way though… well here is my automated piston (should be easy to adapt for 2 doors).

Thanks I have something similar but using two pistons. .but like how you used one. I saw you said you could not get the sync to work. Do you have the Piston details for the sync?

sorry - I abandoned the piston effort and installed the app from post 2 above.

You may be able to install two instances of the app, one to sync each relay/sensor?