Sylvania's seemingly weatherproof bulbs

I’ve had this BR30 outside uncovered for 6 months and it has survived the heaviest of rains. It even fills up with water, but still works like a charm.



Awesome what area do you live in? i’m looing for outdoor bulb options right now and already have a couple of lightify bulbs.

Outside Philly. It hasn’t seen brutal cold yet, so we’ll see how it fares. But it seems to be able to handle rain just fine.

Scratch that, I bought it in January, so it has survived at least a few snowfalls.

perfect I’m in Northern IL so similar conditions.

I ended up drilling a tiny hole in the bottom of the bulb to drain rainwater. It tends to fill up, and I figure that probably can’t be good. Makes me a little worried about freezing temps but we’ll see how long it can go.