Sylvania Smart Plug— is it a repeater?

Both models are definitely repeaters. I did some digging. The LEDVANCE team was extremely helpful. They provided information and assurances that both models are repeaters. The “-A” model is supposed to be an improvement in every way over the first model. They also said they would do some testing with the Xiaomi Zigbee devices to see if their device has any fault in not repeating those signals. They are not doing anything that would cause some devices’s signals not to repeat. The reason the “-A” model has a reputation of not repeating is primarily because of the handful of Xiaomi devices where it wasn’t being used as a repeater. They said they would work on posting some official documentation on their product page but in the meantime feel free to contact them.


Excellent, thanks for the information.

I’ve found that the Sylvania plugs are the most reliable and fastest responding plugs compared to the other few that I’ve tried (Iris, SmartThings, Inovelli).

I can confirm that the switch works as a repeater. I have not had any more problems with my Sengled lights. I bought it here:

Thanks for the discussion. Just found this and figure it is why only 2 of my Xaiomi sensors are acting up. They are adjacent to the Sylvania switch, type - A. I’ll remove it and see if they stay on.

I bought the Sylvania Smart-Plug on sale. I have the model without the “A”. I have it for a long time now plugged in. It shows up as Router on the IDE and of course it works as a smart plug. However I have never gotten it to route my aqara sensors right in front of them (in fact I have never seen it repeat anything at all)
I just installed IKEA zigbee repeater and right away the sensors happily started routing through it. I also have some orvibo light switches that have worked as repeater as well