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Sylvania Lightify dimming Switch Device Handler?

(Paul) #1

I have a Sylvania Lightify two button dimming switch, actually five or so including the old Osram branded ones. They work out of the box and are recognized by Smartthings as type Zigbee Button. It turns lights on or off and during setup of the Smart Lights app selecting ‘button held’ adds a second function to each button making a total of four available. The Remotec ZRC-90 eight button panel has such a device handler allowing a total of 24 functions. I was wondering if there was a custom device handler available that would add the double-click function to the Sylvania buttons?
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The FAQ should help (this is a clickable link)

(Paul) #3

Thanks. But no double-click. I’ll see if I can make my own. :grin:


That’s because that device supports long hold, but not double click.

You can try and see if you can make it work, but it’s very unlikely. The only way to do it is to try to guess at timing for repeated clicks, but the combination of it being a mesh protocol with multiple repeaters, lag introduced by the cloud, debounce built into the device itself, and the fact that it’s a sleepy device because it’s battery-operated means you’ll likely find that your double click is recognized sometimes but not at others.

There are devices which support double clicks because it is built into the physical device itself, and rather than sending two clicks in a row it sends a single code to indicate that the device was double clicked. Those can work fine. But they depend on the double click being captured at the device, not attempts to calculate it in the cloud.

(Paul) #5

I see, thanks much.

(David Thomas) #6


I am using the Option 3 handler for my Lightify switch because I wanted dimming on the LED switches I am using as under counter lighting. However, I would prefer to use another switch as an on/off button to turn on outdoor lightify lights because I do not need the dimming features. Is it possible to use two DTHs on the same types of products. (i.e Option 1 on switch 1 and Option 3 on switch 3)




It’s definitely possible under the old architecture: each device is assigned a DTH and you can have two identical devices using two different DTHs. ( it’s easy to test this by taking a Z wave mains powered device and assigning the zwave tweaker to it. That will only affect that one individual device even if you had many others of the same model.)

I don’t know if it will be possible under the new architecture.

(David Thomas) #8

Can you define new architecture. I am using the V2 hub in the case.


It’s coming, but no specific timeline given yet.

(David Thomas) #10


I tried to install a new Sylvania Lightify Switch and due to the custom Device Handler for Option 3 that I had previously installed through my ST IDE, I do not get any other option for installing the standard device handler that is included with Smartthings. Is there any ideas on how to use the Sylvania switch as an ON/OFF device after installing the custom DTH?




You should be able to just go in through the IDE and change the device handler for that specific device to a different DTH. Essentially the reverse of what you do when you add a device with a standard handler and then you assign it to a custom one. :sunglasses:

(David Thomas) #12


Worked just like you said. I feel I am so far behind in how this system works. I didn’t see the edit button at the bottom of the device page. I incorrectly assumed that it would be linked in the body of the device. I was going to ask if there is a definition page of all the acronyms used here? Forget it, just used the search function and found a page that you created with acronym definitions.

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