Sylvania LIGHTIFY 74099 ZigBee 4-button switch

I eventually got it to pair by holding it sideways? Probably just a coincidence. When it did go into pairing mode it was flashing orange and not blue.

I also appreciated the first time I pressed one of the buttons after it paired, all of the lights in the house turned on while everyone was asleep!

Seems like no one can get the US version to work well, so I’ll either return it or just put in the save for later bin.

I’ve got the US version of this switch. Pairing by holding Top Right and Bottom Left very close to the ST hub. Use DH from andyjenkinson, and binding from “Another User”. The most this switch is button 1 (Top Left) to turn on all switch and light in my house and button 2 (Bottom Left) to turn everything off. Is there anyway to make this switch more useful?


how did you do this? i purchased a compatible zigbee button (ZHA 1.2) from a chinese manufacturer that pairs to my hub, but doesnt recognize a button press. If i can get the button press to be recognized, i can webcore a workaround for what i need it to do. But the challenge is to get the DTH right! did you have to do any coding/programming to create a DH for this device? or did it just function like that out of the box?

ANY advice is greatly appreciated

Since you are talking about a completely different device, it’s off topic for this thread.

Please start a new thread with the brand and model number of the button that you bought in the title, and there will be people who will be glad to help you figure out how best to make it to work with smartthings. :sunglasses:

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Following the instructions here, the button only pairs as “thing” for me. Any ideas?

How did you get it into pairing mode I have tried every combination

You need to hold the bottom left and the top right button. Make sure to press these two at the same time. If you are moving it from another gateway you need to remove from there first. If that is not ana option you need to reset the device by holding the top left and the bottom right button if i remember correctly.