Sylvania Gardenspot "Controller Connetor" cable

My father-in-law decided to surprise us by mowing our lawn last weekend since our mower broke. Surprise! He completely destroyed my Gardenspot cable. There’s no saving it.

Luckily he only ruined one cable: the “controller connector”. It’s a special cable that has two prongs on one end and four on the other. I can’t find this cable anywhere online.

Does anyone else know how to get ahold of one? And if not, does anyone know if the expansion kits happen to include this specific cable?


I’ve not been able to find any. Sorry.

Just to clarify, do you need the part with the power block? Or the part with the zigbee module?

If you put in a warranty claim with Philips they are pretty easy to work with. Just tell them it stopped working. :wink:

FYI i searched high and low for the power brick for the gardenspots, its impossible to get unless you go through a chinese wholesaler, or get a new one from philips.

I need the cable that connects the module to the light strip. It has 2 prongs on one end (to the control module) and 4 pins on the other (to the lightstrip).

that’s the zigbee module itself, so you’ll need to get it from sylvania/ledvance. Try emailing them below. Do not worry if you are in/out of warranty period.

2 year product warranty. For us & canadian customer questions or support please call us at 1-800-lightbulb (1-800-544-4828) or email us at smart@ledvance.Com.