Sylvania BR30 Bulbs unavailable--wiring GE Switch to bypass load?

Good morning folks.
So I bought 2 sylvania br30 bulbs (

I wanted to test them as outdoor can lights. So i could replace all 13 with color changing lights, for the holidays etc.
Setting them up inside was easy and perfect. (but perhaps because i didnt flip the switch off)

Once I moved them outside I have had a few more issues.
They seemed to have worked without issue last night, but almost as if once they turned off (with a webcore script) they are not accessible.
That makes sense because without power, how are they supposed to communicate back. BUt even once powered back on, they show unavailable in ST.

I have ONLY used the ST app so far with them… Should I be using something else?
I definitely want to get this figured out, as i ordered 11 more of these things :slight_smile:
thank you

btw, when the switch is turned off (which is a GE smart switch) and back on, they lights just blink endlessly
if that helps

Smart bulbs are intended to always be on power. So they shouldn’t be controlled by any kind of switch which cuts current to the bulbs, whether it is a smart switch or not.

You can use a smart switch which does not control the current to the bulbs, but just sends a signal to the hub which then sends a signal to the bulbs, that’s fine.

And an infrequent power outage should also be OK.

But if you are regularly cutting power to the bulbs you run into the possibility that they will not be able to find the hub when the power is restored and also you can damage the bulbs over time because there is an inrush current every time the switch turns back on. Making expensive bulbs that much more expensive because they won’t last the expected number of hours.

So the first thing is to make sure that you do not have any switches which cut power to the bulbs.

If you want to have a wall switch that can control the bulbs, see the following FAQ:

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so after some research and your post… thats the consensus :slight_smile:

so i started with smart switches GE smart switches 3 way for this switch, never intending to add smart bulbs.

I wish GE would find a way or whomever to disable the physical switch from operating.

thank you

at this point im more than happy to just wire the smart switch to be always on. anyone know of a good instruction set for that…
I found a great youtube video for wiring a smart switch 3 way, which no one had ever explained quite this well.
thank you folks

i said screw it… put in the old regular switches (not smart) and miraculously NO issues at all with those lights. Apparently those sylvania bulbs hate smart switches :slight_smile:

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Sylvania makes a battery powered smart switch cover you can put on the wall right over the existing switch. You leave the existing switch on power and you can use the buttons on smart switch to turn the group of lights on and off without actually cutting power to them. So no wiring, it’s very simple, it works well. So it’s worth considering.

A recent discussion with more pictures in the following thread:

I thought about that jdroberts and it makes sense, but its basically adding another 70$ investment to a switch mesh that doesnt need that money.
A regular switch disabled (with covers) allows me to use those switches (its a 3 way) elsewhere smarter.
Since they are only outside can lights, they are only on from sunset to 1am, or after 1am when triggered by motion.
thank you

Ryan try these White Switch Plate Cover Guard Keeps Light Switch ON or Off protects your lights or circuits from accidentally being turned on or off.