Switchmate zigbee conversion

Has anyone thought of converting a a switchmate from bluetooth to zigbee?

It’s an interesting idea.

It can’t be done commercially, because it would be a violation of switchmate’s patent on the physical actuator device.

If you just want to hack it, there’s the problem of size and energy draw. Zigbee is a low energy protocol, but it still uses about 10 times as much energy as BLE for the same message. In fact that’s pretty much what the switchmate patent is based on: being able to fit a networked physical actuator that can run on that battery draw that doesn’t have to have batteries changed every couple months.

And then there’s the issue of PCB size: again, BLE is about a 10th of the size of a zigbee board.

So I’m not saying it can’t be done, but it can’t be done commercially and I’m not sure it can be done without seeing a teardown of the switchmate. Plus battery life.


I was actually just thinking about this today myself as I just picked up a SwitchMate (SM) at Fry’s to start playing with it.

Another option for me would be to control SwitchMate from a Raspberry Pi and have ST control that.

It’s annoying that SM is BLE only at this point. The device concept is awesome IMO.

I had one of the early switchmate s and returned it because it just wouldn’t stay paired. I understand they’ve improved that in the current release and of course it’s now going to be compatible with Wink which is interesting. I don’t need one at this point because we went ahead and put in Lutron Caseta switches, but it’s definitely a device I’d like to see work. :sunglasses::level_slider:

Apparently, SwichMate is in the process of making a version that will work with third party home automation.

"As of now, Switchmate works on Bluetooth Low Energy technology. We are currently working to expand the range of Switchmate so that it can be used from anywhere you have an internet connection.

This will include integrations with other ecosystems and the development of our own hub."

I confirmed on their Facebook page that SmartThings will be included. Not sure when it’s scheduled to be released. May be an really good option for homes with no neutral wires.

We’ve discussed this under a different topic. They’re planning on releasing a Wi-Fi bridge. That will give them IFTTT and echo integration eventually. And SmartThings integration through IFTTT.

Separately, they have a Bluetooth integration in current open beta with the Wink 2 hub. That one doesn’t require the new bridge device, but of course it requires that the hub have a Bluetooth radio turned on.