Switchmate With Smartthings V2 hub

How do i connect Switch mate to Smart things. Any help would be appreciated.

There’s no integration available at the present time. The SmartThings hub has a Bluetooth radio inside, but it has never been enabled so there is no way to pair any Bluetooth device to it.

And the first generation switchmate switches don’t have any other means of communication.

Switchmate announced a new generation at CES 2017 which is due out in the next few months. It will have the ability to link to a bridge device, called zip, which will then give it the ability to integrate with other cloud services such as IFTTT and Alexa. At that point you would be able to get indirect integration with smartthings via IFTTT. If they publish an open API, maybe a direct integration as well even though there’s no Bluetooth option.


But at the present time, I believe the only home automation hub which can work directly with the first generation switchmate is Wink 2.

Since wink does have an IFTTT channel, it should be possible to pair the switchmates to the Wink 2 and then use IFTTT for indirect integration to SmartThings, but I don’t know of anyone who has done that.

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This really should be added. SmartThings V2 Hub has a bluetooth radio, and if Wink Hub 2 can do it, there is no reason SmartThings shouldn’t also be able to. Logitech Harmony Hub and even HomeBridge have ways to connect to SwitchMate. It is ridiculous that we can’t do the same with SmartThings. I know they have said the new SwitchMate v2 will have the ability to connect to SmartThings, but there is no reason to have to wait for v2, when it could be enabled now. Is there a reason the SmartThings v2 Hub’s Bluetooth radio isn’t activated?