Switching from Iris - any help in making the right purchase?

So like a good number of other people I’m making the move from Iris to Smartthings - I didn’t use Iris for a lot of things but would appreciate some guidance from you all as I start to make the switch.

My home system contains a few motion sensors and NYCE door hinges on all exterior doors - 2 key pads - and some random other stuff that I’m not too worried about.

The main reason I installed the motion and door hinges is because with my work I’m often in and out all hours of the day and night and so my wife can “arm” the doors and get notified when they open and if motion is detected in the key areas. We also have two settings so if we are home motion is only picked up in some areas and if we are totally gone more motion detectors come into play.

We didn’t do Professional monitoring but rather just preferred the text/phone calls where we could check what was going on and make the decision on what to do next.

So I guess my first question is - can I do all of the above with SmartThings? I haven’t seen a Keypad for Smarthings listed anywhere, and what about the text/phone calls if a door is opened/etc…? I know SmartThings is setup to be more of a Smart home system than a Security system and I liked how Iris kindof bridged that gap, but I’m hoping I can do something similar without breaking the bank.

Thanks in advanced!

Sounds like basically what I do. I do not use keypads however, so I can’t speak to that. ST has modes, which are user created and you can use these different modes to determine what smart apps run or don’t. I have basically three modes, Home, away, or night. Home and away is set by phone presence and away is set manually when we go to bed. We use Alexa instead of a keypad.

Each mode determines what notifications we get or not and what lights or devices function and how. I should mention, however, I am still using the classic app and not sure how the new app will effect my current setup when I am forced to switch to it.

I switched to ST a couple of years ago from Iris. I am now in the process of beta testing an alternative non cloud based system to replace ST. As we have seen a cloud based solution can be problematic if the company decides to exit the field. This system will allow me to use my old V1 devices as well as my new stuff I have on ST.

Iris Keypads V2 and V3, are not directly supported by SmartThings, however you may use them in ST using the Classic phone app, my SHM Delay smartapp, and another user’s Device Handler (DTH). The V1 is not supported.

The setup process is likely much more involved in ST than on the native Iris system. Supported keypad features: Arm & Disarm with Pin, Instant arming using ON and Partial keys with no Pin, Panic key, Door opens chime when system is disarmed, and much more.

Keypads are directly supported on the Hubitat platform

You will need this device handler for the keypads.

Thank you all for the quick replies and help in this matter -