Switching from handlehttp callback to handleLambdaCallback

Hi all,

I am moving an express API to a lambda gatway API and I want to continue to use the SmartThings SDK.

On the documentation it does suggest there is support for running lambda functions using the handleLambdaCallback method.

I am transforming something like this (Express)

/// handleIndexPost ///
// This is the route that smarthings will post to 
const handleIndexPost = async function (req, res, next) {
        // HAndle the http callback 
        let result = await smartapp.handleHttpCallback(req, res);
        logger.error(`Error in handling post request to \ ${error}`)

To something like this (Lambda)

var smartapp = require('./lib/smartapp')

exports.handler = async (event,context,callback) => {
    if (event){
        console.log(`EVENT BODY: ${event.body}`)
    // Handle the Http callback 
    smartapp.handleLambdaCallback(event, context, callback);
    // TODO implement
    const response = {
        statusCode: 200,
        body: JSON.stringify('Success!'),
    return response;

Lambda is receiving the data from SmartThings from subscriptions however it is not calling the subscription handlers I have defined in lib/smartapp. Instead looking at the lambda logs I get:

2021-03-09T18:00:55.732Z warn: Lifecycle undefined not supported

I’m not sure why this is as it was working with express. The file ./lib/smatapp is shown below. The environment variables are being read in correctly.

/// Imports ///
// SmartApp            - SDK for Smarthings 
// subscriptionHandler - Implements logic when subscription events occur  
const SmartApp = require('@smartthings/smartapp');
const subscriptionHandler = require('./subscriptionHandler')

/* Define the SmartApp */
const smartapp = new SmartApp()

    /// Meter One Event Handler /// 
    .subscribedEventHandler('VoltageMeter1', subscriptionHandler.voltageHandler)
    .subscribedEventHandler('EnergyMeter1', subscriptionHandler.energyHandler)
    .subscribedEventHandler('PowerMeter1', subscriptionHandler.powerHandler)

    /// Meter Two Event Handler /// 
    .subscribedEventHandler('VoltageMeter2', subscriptionHandler.voltageHandler)
    .subscribedEventHandler('EnergyMeter2', subscriptionHandler.energyHandler)
    .subscribedEventHandler('PowerMeter2', subscriptionHandler.powerHandler)

module.exports = smartapp

The file ./subscriptionHandler is also shown below which holds the functions for subscription events.

/// powerHandler ///
// Event handler for when a power capabality changes state 
async function powerHandler(ctx,event,eventTime){
    console.log(`POWER ${event.deviceId} ${event.componentId}.${event.capability}.${event.attribute}: ${event.value}`)

/// voltageHandler ///
async function voltageHandler(ctx,event,eventTime){
    console.log(`VOLTAGE ${event.deviceId} ${event.componentId}.${event.capability}.${event.attribute}: ${event.value}`)

/// energyHandler ///
async function energyHandler(ctx,event,eventTime){
    console.log(`ENERGY ${event.deviceId} ${event.componentId}.${event.capability}.${event.attribute}: ${event.value}`)

module.exports = {