SwitchBot and Meross no longer available to add? (August 2023)

Maybe I just missed it, but since the most recent update to the smartthings iOS mobile app, I can no longer see a way to add Meross or SwitchBot devices other than the ones that support matter.

List by brand:

A friend of mine called me about this this morning, and we just couldn’t find one although mine are still working.

Is there some new way to add these devices? These are both linked services integrations, but they used to be listed when you went to add a device by brand and now they aren’t there. :thinking:

Both Meross and SwitchBot are still listed in the Android app.

I can confirm that it is on the Android app as of 31 Aug 23

The lists are definitely different on Android that what you posted. More than Meross and SwitchBot are missing.

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I can still see both in the most recent iOS app.

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Odd. :thinking: it wasn’t just me, though, as my friend called with the issue first. I think we were both using iPads…

I see them as well on both iPhone and iPad

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In the Android app in the UK they are not listed under Supported Devices, which is ultimately a list of devices when you drill down and does not link into the onboarding flow. That is the closest thing to your image in Android as you can browse by brand or device type.

They are, however, available to install under Partner Devices. In Android this no longer has an option to browse by device type.

I notice that that the Chameleon brand only shows the ‘ivie Bud’ under Supported Devices but in the Partner Devices there are separate brands for Chameleon and Ivie.

I am pondering if the Supported Devices section is more of a marketing perk for individually certified devices.

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That’s it! Very confusing, for sure. :thinking:

iOS on iPad, looking for SwitchBot and Meross:

detail screens


I will just add that for those of us dependent on voice readers this is a HORRIBLE design because we have to go through every individual entry, we don’t have a “skim” option. :rage: