Switchable usb?

I have a ton of zwave plugs and such with USB but non of them cN be turned off (to reset whatever is attached) so they get plugged into a switchable outlet.

Does anyone make a switchable usb either alone or in a strip/outlet?

Can’t you just plug a USB charger into a zwave/zigbee outlet to accomplish the samething?

If I want to use up a switchable for usb but I don’t want to do that. :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen one, but I’ve seen a lot of consumer requests over the last six years. Even the Wi-Fi ones like Kasa have the USB ports as always on.

I suspect there’s an issue with inrush current and the manufacturers are afraid of blowing out connected devices.

@thesmartesthouse might be able to say why the USB slot on their newest ZOOZ pocket sockets are always on rather than controllable. :sunglasses:


It’s mostly about the size and cost of the devices. We haven’t seen that much demand for a switchable USB port but note taken! We’ll keep you guys posted if we update any of the existing products or create a new one with this functionality.

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