Switch when triggered looks for presence before action

I am stubborn, against all reviews and even my own experience with garage auto open and close I can’t give up.
My wife is very patient and respects my new hobby of home automation, however she is does not play with me. My phone with SmartThings has only messed up presence twice in 3 months I say that’s reliable, both times were caused from various night updates. She let’s here battery die, wifi sometimes gets turned off etc or she takes the work phone leave personal phone at home etc.

I have a set up like at a gas station with hose that goes across the driveway (blends in by running with wood expansion in slab) Run over hose triggers switch to close garage. Is there a way to have that switch (Mimo2) input look to see if smarthings presence there. So only opens garage if the presence sensor in range. (Not phone)
Any ideas or help.
I don’t know code.
Thanks in advance.

You don’t want the garage door opening when someone steps on your hose with you at home now, do you? Maybe look into “accidentally” dropping a $25 presence sensor in her purse? I have a feeling the purse follows everywhere? Or key chain?

Open when car runs over hose but only if see SmartThings presence. Trying to get reaction time better with presence sensor.
Currently when back out closes garage. But would like to switch the operation to open.
Problem is I don’t want anybody to just jump or drive on hose and ope garage with no one home.
Maybe it’s not possible.

Right not sure if opening is possible considering all variables.

With Mimo2 I use the input side on air switch caused by tires to only close garage threw GD00Z garage door not actually tieing into it with wires I am using a routine.

Oyea that works, it’s just the delay sometimes it will open in 20 second sometimes almost 2 minutes. She don’t like to wait.

I have a open close sensor on here driver door which I have been very pleased and reliable. I may be able to use it with a smart app.
My wheels are turning.
I am going to look at what u sent and see if I can .


I have no problem having designated presence sensor in her car. I ll try it.

Thanks again.

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