Switch used to activate scenes with no load attached

Hi there,

I have a 4 gang box. Two switches are going to be combined into one (15 x 7 watt flood light). This leaves me with a spot for a scene controller. Is there anything stopping me from wiring a DZ15S with no load and just programming the controller to enact scenes such as all off or I am home. I did see another post asking the same question and believe this is possible. But am posting for the second question and opinions on the first one as well.

Are there any suggestions of other devices that have more than two buttons to go in this spot? So far I have only found very expensive ones. In my opinion this type of device having no mechanical switch should be inexpensive.


See the following:

I have this setup, it’s working fine. Although a virtual switch is probably better suited, since you can activate it many different ways, and it’s free. (No power)