Switch to Sonos app on Android Tablet when music is playing

Hey community… I have a few android tablets wall mounted showing ActionTiles/Sharptools in Fully Browser. It works great, but I when music is playing I want the Sonos app to be displayed instead.

Has anyone has done this using some logic (webcore, tasker, sharptools, fully, etc) to display the Sonos app when music is playing and then switch back to Sharptools (Fully Browser) when the music stops?

I currently have lights turn on and change color if the music is playing via webcore (to remind me that music is playing outside)… So I know I can get the status of music playback, but Im not sure how to use that to foreground the Sonos app on my tablet.

Just to follow up: I got this working by using webcore and the Fully Kiosk Browser DTH which allows launching apps and then foregrounding the browser again. Works perfect.

Thanks to Josh over at Sharptools for the answer:


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