Switch to control roof windows

Hey guys

I’m currently using two Topp ACK4 actuators on two roof windows:

I have a wall mounted VisionVent MB06 switch to control them which has some functionality (opens and closes automatically depending on room temperature, rain sensor in auto-mode):

I want to replace the MB06 with a Smartthings compatible switch that will give me the temperature and rain sensor functionality.

Does anyone know of anything suitable that won’t require running any more/new wires than I already have in the wall for the MB06?



I think you could combine two sensors. One would be a “leak sensor” for rain and the other what SmartThings refers to as a Multi-Sensor which combines a magnetic open/close sensor, temperature, and movement. Both are battery powered so they wouldn’t require wires.

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I know I could hobble something together but I was just wondering if anyone knows if there was a product designed as a switch for window actuators which had some Zigbee or Zwave compatibility. If such a product exists I could extend its functionality with external sensors.